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Featured Artist – Teresa Lagrange

Welcome Home Real Estate realizes the importance of supporting and promoting local artists. Each quarter Welcome Home Real Estate highlights a local artist on our website and creates a real estate listing sign featuring their art. 

Teresa Lagrange

Artist Bio-

Teresa Lagrange’s first real piece of art was a mural in crayon of Winnie-the-Pooh and friends all over her bedroom wall when she was three. Since then, art has been with her.
Teresa Lagrange grew up in a big Irish Catholic family from Maine-the youngest of nine children. Being a shy, soft-spoken kid, creativity gave her much needed comfort and confidence. She is an eclectic artist, using traditional methods as well as digital programs to create art.
A love for children’s literature and art inspired her to write and illustrate “The Twelve Days of Christmas Island” published by Allen & Unwin. Her Women in Rock illustration series can be seen at Dogfish restaurant in Portland. Teresa has worked for the Portland Museum of Art, the University of Connecticut, and Islandport Press. She lives in the United States in Portland, Maine.



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